Minecraft Institute of Technology

Minecraft Institute of Technology (MIT), is a premium school for minecrafters. Here we teach all sorts of skills, like building, brewing, and horse riding. The faculty has been selected from the best of the world. We own cutting-edge facilities which are always being expanded. MIT is located on XP Galaxy, near the capitol city Pigston.


At MIT, classes are always of the highest quality. We ensure that our students are learning by smaller classes. We always try to make the classes as fun as possible and make sure that they are learning as well as having fun. The staff at MIT are experienced in their field. With such a wide variety of classes, we're sure that you'll be able to find something that you'll like. Check out the classes here!


Registering for this camp is really easy. We wanted to make sure lots of people cam come to the camp. There are multiple times for classes so don't worry if you can't make some timings. Once your done filling out the form you will recieve a email in about 1 - 2 weeks. The email will specify the dates you can attend, your teacher, the timing and some other extra information.


Even though we tried to make this camp as simple as possible, there are always going to be some confusing parts. Thats why we created this page to answer all frequently asked questions. If any of those questions are not on the page, please email of us with your question and you should recieve a response and the question and answer should be added to the FAQ.

Contact Us

If you ever need to ask a question that isn't on the FAQ area or you have a problem with the camp. Please email us. We will try our best to respond and if we don't within a week, you can send us another. Also if you are interested in becoming a teacher, please contact us.

Meet the Teachers!

Snowkit is the founder and creator of MIT. She is the current headmaster and she is a professor too. Snowkit specializes in Mob Extermination and Redstone. She is a minecraft veteran and an experienced guild leader. Snowkit has lead many factions and towns to success and is considered a legend to some. Snowkit certainly knows how to run the school and has done an admirable job of it.

Meet the Teachers!

Powerkrafter is a professor, a lunch lady, and the gym teacher at MIT. He specializes in magic and loves to cook. Powerkrafter's favorite sport is basketball. He coaches most of the teams at MIT so if you'd like to sign up for one ask Coach Power.

Meet the Teachers!

Reha54321 is the main builder, a professor, and the programmer at MIT. She likes to program. She made this website In addition, Reha loves to build things. Reha is the youngest member of the team.

Meet the Teachers!

Gmoneyman10 is the secretary at MIT. If you are ever lost, or don't know what you signed up for, ask Gmoney. He handles all the paper work and is in charge with customer service. If there is anything wrong please kindly talk to Gmoney.

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